Tailored computer vision

10x faster, 10x cheaper

than hiring an engineer

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Detects and classifies objects of interest in your photos.


Extracts text and named entities from your photos and PDFs.



Uses your free or copyrighted images, and a text input to generate new images.

How it works

1. Book a demo for any of the 3 base products shown above.

2. We then configure it for your specific use case and historical data (if any).

3. We help you integrate it into your existing system, so your application or data pipeline can be powered by computer vision.

The Higg$ advantage

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10x faster, 10x cheaper

than hiring a machine learning engineer to do it.

It just plugs in

We make it production-ready and plug it into your existing system.

100% private

After deployment, we never have access to any business data or predicted outputs.

No-code UI features

so that you and your team can maintain and scale your computer vision long-term.

It's cheaper than hiring a
machine learning engineer

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